Monday, April 2, 2007

'we don't nedd to stinkin badges'

Richard Koci Hernandez, deputy photo editor and multimedia guru at the San Jose Mercury News, just posted results for his first online multimedia contest on I loved the fact that there were 'no stinking rules' and that his comments and categories are somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

That being said he posted some very interesting projects that are worth experiencing, learning from and getting inspired by. In the end, or what links them is the sense of storytelling and pushing boundaries in different directions and with different approaches. But the sense of exploration is palpable.

Chad Stevens placed for BEST INDIE FILM APPROACH with his Buffalo Creek.

Scott Lewis garnered BEST PHOTOGRAPHY for his Arm Wrestling.

Susanna Frohman’s MOST INNOVATIVE APPROACH project called The Shape of Life really breaks out of the mold of most multimedia projects.

David Duncan’s SHORTEST SOUNDSLIDES EVER! B52 Fly over works in an odd sort of way.

Craig Kohlruss BEST USE OF AUDIO NARRATIVE for Cookseyville demonstrates how a powerful audio track can really carry a package.

Big congrats to Andrew Dolph for his BEST USE OF SOUNDSLIDES On Wrestling project that I critiqued. Well done Andrew. I believe it is his earlier edit.

Poh Si Teng, Matthew Raiche, Kirstina Sangsahachart, Justin Mott, Lauren Chin created the BEST DESIGNED/CHAPTERED SOUNDSLIDES Traversing Blindness which has a great interface and thoughtful design. I love the Braille.

Finally Kari Collins has the BEST AUDIO/PHOTO EDIT for her It's All Relative. It is a great slice of life package, well photographed. I really like the way she uses ‘blank’ slides to change the pace of the project.

If you want a laugh Patrick Yen and visit the upper left link for video.


Andrew said...

I did submit the final edit for the contest, as it appears on our website. The changes are very subtle. Since there's no comparison, I won't go into further detail.

Thanks again to both Richard and Mike for their ongoing support!

- Andrew

M_Fagans said...

I stand corrected.

The transitions seemed to 'flash' less than I remembered.

None-the-less, I am glad it was recognized by Richard.