Wednesday, February 3, 2010

news biz

So why all the business talk you ask?

Well, it has occurred to a number of us in the journalism field and in the business community, that it is the structures of news organizations that have to adapt to the new world we inhabit.

If you want a good introduction to how pricing has/is changing in the world, read this easy to understand e-book by Todd Sattersten. The production and distribution costs of newspapers is daunting when you compare it to a web site for users that costs 9 cents a month to run per client. So where do we go from here?

As before: it has to be compelling content; it has to be content people are willing to pay for because it will change/improve/alter/effect their lives; and it has to be accessible.

Mediocre will not stand out in the crowd.

On a side note: Here is a great documentary on making lemonade out of the lemons life hands you is inspirational.

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