Tuesday, July 17, 2007

bill pickett rodeo

Just finished my first video that I shot and edited. I have been editing a fair amount but this is my first.

Check out the Bill Pickett Rodeo at TBC Video.

Let me know what you think.


Jeff Jones said...

Just wanted to point out a MINOR mistake, (maybe intentional?) in this presentation. In the Multimedia selection page the piece is titled "Bill Pickett Rodeo GALLUPS into town". Umm, spending all that time shooting for the Gallup Independent has made you forget that the proper spelling of the word, when relating to horses, is GALLOP.
Perhaps you miss the good ole days?

Michael Fagans said...


You got me on that one...and it passed through the rest of our editing team, good catch!

There are times I miss the good 'ol cowboy and Navajo town of my youth ;)