Thursday, July 19, 2007


Now that I have entered the 21-century here in CA, we do video for our newspaper.

We primarily work on three different editing programs, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. As you can guess, the only PC’s in our Mac building have WMM, the photogs and web team have Macs and two higher end Macs have FCP.

Reporters shoot much of the daily work while they are covering events, the web team shoots some of the daily video and the photo department does some video. (Side note: we are averaging about a soundslides show a week this summer.) The daily work covered by reporters is often done in WMM, the web team and photogs use iMovie and the higher end, longer, better produced packages are edited in FCP.

As with anything so varied the standards vary from reporter to reporter, editor to editor and content from story to story.

Next entry…how to raise the quality level.

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