Friday, January 15, 2010


Also over the holidays, Seth Godin 'published' this e-book that is a thought-provoking read. He was able to pull together a diverse group of people to provide short essays on 'what matters now.' It is worth the time.

If you did not catch Godin's innovative launch of 'Linchpin' you missed a fascinating idea explored to its fullest.

Instead of launching off on a book tour, Godin provided preview copies of the book to fans who donated money to the non-profit Acumen. What was really interesting is that many of us donated more than the suggested/requested $30 because it is a neat funding group.

So let's count the winners...Acumen gets a great boost and advertising, Godin's fans get to feel special because they are in on something different, Godin wins because his 'tribe' spreads word of his book and the book publisher wins because they put into action an innovative marketing campaign.

So I hear the obvious question: Mike, why are you reading so many business books?

The answer: next post.

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