Friday, December 8, 2006

apocalypse part ii

The above is more tongue-in-cheek than the first sign covered earlier today, see below. A big 'shout out' to Mindy McAdams for bringing this to our attention. Chris Strimbu, a Yahoo!News multimedia producer, created a package about the coup in Bangkok using images from Flickr and audio from a British ex-pat.

In general, the piece itself is kind of interesting as a whole, as in the narrative greatly helps the series of images that start to look alike after awhile. I can’t help starting to wonder what James Nachtwey might have been able to do or did do with this event. I guess what I am getting at is that I think the Flickr photos are fine as far as records of the event, but I can only imagine what a trained photojournalist might have found. The juxtaposition of the flowers and guns; the importance of the color yellow; tanks in the street, echoing Tiananmen Square; all elements that I would expect a professional to utilize to broaden and deepen the coverage.

As it was, I think this project is an interesting narrative technique. I think as more people push the boundaries of multimedia journalism, journalists and the public will start to recognize acceptable and unacceptable ways to tell stories. I like the taking of chances, I appreciate the going out on a limb, creating a narrative where that was not one before, these are all positive things to take away from this project. Before we can 'think outside the box' we must first find the boundaries of the box. I think this piece charts out a new territory with exploring .

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