Wednesday, December 13, 2006

solid storytelling

The results are in... The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), started a monthly Multimedia Contest this year. The first winners of the first month of judging are now posted and there are three winners that caught my attention.

The first is a video piece by the San Francisco Chronicle’s James Irwin titled 'Prison tour program tries to keep boys on right path.' This is the best newspaper video piece I have seen to date for a number of reasons; including steady camera work, good audio, and an interesting, well told story. It is work like this that give me hope for video on the web.

In the individual audio slideshow category, Jim Gehrz of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune delivers an amazingly photographed piece called 'Baby Lance's Long Year.' The work really needs no additional commentary from me.

Last, but not least, is a neat entry from the team category. Dallas Morning News photographers Michael Hamtil, Erich Schlegel, Lara Solt, & Cheryl Diaz Meyer followed candidates for governor around and captured some neat moments in their 'The Road to Austin' package. Perhaps more importantly, the overall site plan is clean, well constructed and holds work by different photographers together.

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Michael Hamtil said...

Hi, thanks for mentioning this package. While I was indeed a multimedia editor/producer for it, I did not take any of the photographs or record audio. Credit for that should also have gone to photographer Vernon Bryant who followed candidate Chris Bell.

Although the members of the photo department at my newspaper are, for the most part, having a lot of fun while finding our own way in the multimedia world, having good journalism roots is what we are most proud of.

Sincerely, Michael Hamtil, Photo Editor, The Dallas Morning News