Friday, December 15, 2006

chasing storms

Wow, two good uses of video on the web in three days! The latest is a package from The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia about Storm Chasers. Staff photographer Nick Moir worked with journalist and producer Jano Gibson and designer and Flash producer Carolyn Mills to create a piece that navigates well and really brings you into the story and the moment.

My only criticisms, are small, minor points. There is very little coverage of the aftermath of the monster storms, and if there were not some aftermath images in the intro I don't think I would make this argument. The cool and sexy work is chasing them, the covering their effect and the impact on lives, for me is Part II. I also would have liked to hear more ambient sound, if there is or was any more; the hail, thunder, people talking in the truck chasing the storm. The audio is almost too clinical for the motion and action in the images.

But overall, a great piece. The video is integrated well, makes sense and moves the story forward in a way that the stills are not always able to do. Great work!

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