Thursday, December 21, 2006

i've got my mojo workin'

Photographer, or in this situation mobile journalist, Andy Cross of The Denver Post photographed the 'snow in' at the Denver International Airport and found a fun way or tying the audio track together in a nice package produced by Mateo Leyba and Deb Neeley. I am all in favor of having some fun with journalism in general and audio tracks in particular.

My all time favorite fun audio track is when the San Jose Mercury News staff had fans a Grand Prix Auto Race make car noises themselves. It is perhaps the best way I have seen and heard to tie a piece together and have some fun.

Yesterday I wrote about changing people’s perspectives on the world through art. San Jose Mercury News photojournalist Pauline Lubens and reporter Mark Emmons tell Frank Sandoval: A Survival Story on the Mercury Times Multimedia Page in a remarkable way. Kudos.

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