Wednesday, January 17, 2007

common threads

My father has joked a number of times in his life that he should have a set series of 'message #one,' 'message #two,' that he could just say out loud instead of the entire message. For example, instead of saying 'don’t forget to make your bed in the morning,' he could simply say 'message #one.'

This thought reverberated in my mind yesterday as I was writing my last entry. Perhaps I should come up with my own commentary 'threads' that I keep returning too, expounding on, thinking about and exploring. So, a short list:

Thread #1: It is about the story, keep it simple stupid (KISS) and focus on the story.

Thread #2: Technology is good, embrace technology and the storytelling power it provides you the journalist.

Thread #3: Keeping in mind Thread 2, don’t exclude ‘older’ versions of technology to tell a story if they do it better. Don’t love technology simply because it being cool and new, think about what it enables you to do.

Thread #4: Media and journalism is converging, accept it and move on.

Thread #5: Push boundaries, but do not be afraid to recognize when you have pushed too far. The 'box' as we know it is expanding, but journalistic ethics should help people navigate this new area and era of freedom.

I am sure this list will expand with time. I close with my favorite restaurant motto from Zebb’s Bar and Grill: 'Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.' Journalism is increasingly becoming uncertain, enjoy it and tell some good stories.

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