Tuesday, January 16, 2007

more than the gas

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been hard at work in Flash, and having a REALLY good time! (A long story for another day.)

Mindy McAdams had a great post on the Newark’s The Star-Ledger and their new tvjersey.com site. Rather than paraphrase badly, check out Mindy’s column. What I really like about their project is that they are YouTube enabling their video, very cool, and fits into the broadening and sharing concept of the future of journalism.

Mindy’s post and Ryan Sholin’s post on newspaper video 'Who is shooting it and how they do it' really get me back to one of my themes: how do you best tell your subject’s story.

The temptation is there to embrace technology and do what you can instead of how the story should be told, how the story is telling you, the journalist to tell the story. Once again Mindy has a great post about how 'It's about stories...which stories? and why?' Note: I'd like to think my last entry and post on her blog prompted this entry, but probably not.

My wife reminded me about a comment I made many years ago when I went inside to pay for gasoline instead of paying at the pump. I said to her, 'It is about more than the gas.' Sometimes, ALWAYS, that human connection is important, ESPECIALLY in journalism. The technology should merely help us better tell stories, period.

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