Monday, January 8, 2007

gym dreams

I tried something a little different this time. I am starting to get tired of the formulaic way many audio slide shows have a person introduce themselves and tell the story, so I went with multiple people this time. Gym Dreams, I hope, gives you a flavor of the people who workout and love boxing in Watertown.

What is interesting for me is that in asking them all the same questions, many of their replies were similar, but the differences highlighted personality and approach. It was a fun mental exercise to edit and keep what was fun, fascinating and insightful without going too long. In one sense the audio moves along at a good clip, but I tried to pace the audio as well as the pace of the images.

Part of the influence for this approach was the video for the Antonio Banderas film Take the Lead that I mentioned last year, and the other major influence was my 2-D design professor who had us do a project on tempo and pace using thickness of lines in a space.

I am still trying to edit down the images, possibly the sound, but I am fairly happy where things stand.

I believe that telling successful multimedia stories comes down to asking the same question of yourself (or team): how do I (we) best tell this story?

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