Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yesterday I posted a brief message and link about our latest project here, Jake Hannah’s Go Fly A Kite, which he graciously let me re-edit. Our piece builds off of (or blatantly steals/borrows) from the Richard Koci Hernandez’s (rkh) piece on the bike tour coming through town and Andrew Dolph’s On Wrestling.

What I really liked about RKH’s audio slide show was that he pushed the boundaries of what the slide show could do and how to utilize good photography. Andrew also pushed some boundaries with his piece.

One of the conclusions from their work, some thinking and our project, is how there already exists a visual vocabulary of using stills, fades and cinematic effects in the world of sports. ESPN, Monday night football, NFL films have all influenced how people 'see' sports.

The next step I think is taking some of these possibilities and translating them in documentary work or news slide shows and seeing what the confluence might produce.

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