Monday, April 6, 2009

healthy debate

A former colleague just posted a link to Alan D. Mutter's Reflections of a Newsosaur and his latest post about how failing newspapers bring me joy post written by an anonymous blogger (supposedly). My colleague wondered if she had been part of the giant 'journalistic cabal,' although if you read Joe Bageant's 'We've let corporations and media rob our souls' and you might start to think they are both on to something. But I digress...

A look-see over the newsosaur's blog highlighted a number of topics for future posts:

  • Publishers zero in on charging for content

  • How to charge for online content

  • Why media must charge for web content

  • Bridge to nowhere, nonprofit press

  • Sense a theme yet?

    The best argument I have heard about giving things away for free is that people begin to believe that free is what you think it is worth. Thanks to one of our AME's for that gem. I have watched a TBC employee try and give away free newspapers where the supposedly educated population lives in town, and NO ONE would take a FREE paper.

    I will address each in a post, but as I have commented to most people who politely listen to m rantings on these topics, this is a very interesting time to be working in journalism. There is a saying that approximately goes 'may you live in interesting times.' Lately it has been far too interesting and the newsosaur even comments on how this is the best and worst times for journalism a la 'A Tale of Two Cities.'

    As I will continue to point out, last time we went through a major upheaval of the means of communicating, we had the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Makes you wonder what will happen this time?

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