Friday, April 3, 2009


In the depths of our economy and the journalism field, some words of hope.

Andy Hall over at writes about his take away thoughts from the recent conference in his post "Words of hope in an era of calamity."

As we all know and recognize, we are undergoing a monumental shift from print to digital. The dominant medium of expression for over 500 years is giving way to something new that none of us fully understand. As with all deaths and births, it is exciting and frightening.

Andy shares some positive thoughts about alternative forms of journalism and news gathering, and that I believe is where the future will be. There will just not be newspapers (in whatever form) and TV; there will be citizen journalists, there will be small non-profits, there will news aggregators, there will be small staffs of news gathering and analysis organizations.

There will always be the need for gatekeepers, analyzers and referees and that is where journalism needs to find its new home.

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