Friday, April 10, 2009

the times have already changed

Arianna Huffington hits the nail on the head with her latest post 'the debate over online news: it's the consumer, stupid.'

As with most things in our world, the consumers are voting with their feet and walking away from newspapers to the internet. Sorry, it has already happened. We can cry about this, or we can stand back up and lead, follow or get out of the way. My fear is that a number of news on papers are getting out of the way.

'Charlie Rose summarized what I(Huffington) was saying: "We have seen the future and it is here. It is a linked economy. It is search engines. It is online advertising. That's where the future is. And if you can't find your way to that, then you can't find your way."'

News on papers used to control the debate and the dissemination of information, sorry, not any more. By not linking, by not aggregating, by not allowing video to be embed somewhere else the news on paper crowd is sliding off, quicker than they expected, into oblivion.

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