Monday, April 13, 2009

it's in your hand

Our CEO forwarded a link to me that points out something so obvious you might have missed it.

Do you wonder what will replace news on paper in the future? You may be already holding one in your hand: the iPhone.

Mark Potts on his 'recovering journalist' web site references a post on Joe Poz's blog about the iPhone. Both posts discuss that they are able to customize what they used to get from newspapers on their iPhone with different apps (applications for those not in-the-know).

That means they can get the sports feed they want, weather, find what is playing at the movies near them and they can customize WHAT THEY WANT. It used to be the news on paper was one size fits all, not any more.

You can even volunteer via the iPhone with the Extraordinaries.

I know that news on paper companies don't want to do it or recognize it, but they are now in the computer/media/technology field and that means innovation, every 18 months. Sorry, that is reality.

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